August 2020 President’s Message

Aloha HIMAH Members,

As we are heading into September 2020 (actually I can’t believe it is September already!), I realized that I had not sent a message to the membership since the new Board year started in July 2020.  As crazy as things happen to be in the world today, time seems to still fly by.  My apologies for the delay in reaching out to you.

As the island of Oahu is currently in the second shutdown, please know that our hearts are with you during these tough economic times.  If you are struggling, please know that you are not alone, I encourage you to seek help and assistance if not from your healthcare team, family, friends or colleagues, we are here for you, reach out to us on the contact page on the HIMAH website, I will include the links at the bottom of the message.

New Board Members

I want to Congratulate our newly elected and introduce the 2020-2021 HIMAH 2020-2021 Board Members:

President                     Emma Thompson

President-Elect           Robyn Peterson (newly elected)

Past President             Mary Ann Floresca

1st Year Director          Dr. Kelly Butler (newly elected)

2nd Year Director         Rachel Ropke

Treasurer                    Laura Morales

Secretary                     Dr. Lynette Williamson (newly elected)

Voter Statistics

Thank you for taking the time to vote in the HIMAH elections this year.  I included a graph of the percentage of members who did and did not cast a vote.

The percentage of voter turnout is the same this year and last year – 24%.  Now if you think voter turnout was low for the HIMAH elections, check out the voter statistics for the AHIMA elections.

I looked at voter turnout state by state and there are many surprises.  For the Hawaii CSA, 5.76% of our members cast a vote in the AHIMA elections.  Here are the top three and bottom three CSAs by percentage that voted in the AHIMA elections:

Top 3                                                                           Worst 3

Puerto Rico     16.77%                                              Illinois              2.74%

New Jersey      13.43%                                             Virginia            2.50%

DC                   11.46                                                  Vermont          2.33%


What I found surprising is that the home state of AHIMA – Illinois – had the third worst voter turnout.  Hawaii with 5.76% was in the top third, in voter turnout.  If there is anything we can do as a CSA to influence or improve our voter statistics, or even at the national level, please share your thoughts and ideas.  As members, you have a right, obligation and duty to vote.

HIMAH Annual Meeting

Our State Annual Meeting is still open, you have time to sign up and register.  The beauty of the virtual format is that you have 60 days to view the presentations and the best part is, you have the opportunity to view all the available sessions.  In a traditional meeting format, we would have to split the sessions into tracks and the biggest complaint we’d receive is that everyone wanted to attend each track and each session.  Now, every session is available to each attendee and you can view that at a comfortable pace; you have all the time to take notes, compose your thoughts or replay portions that are valuable to you.

The feedback I’ve received regarding the sessions, topics and virtual format, has exceeded my expectations.  Our outer island members who have never attended a State Annual Meeting, were finally able to attend without the additional expenses of lodging, airfare, transportation, meals, etc.  Our Exhibitors miss the trip to Hawaii, of course, but with these economic times, this format is very appealing.  From a CSA perspective, the virtual format eases the burden on our budget.  Hosting two or three days in a banquet room on the edge of Waikiki, to include food/beverage, attendee swag, speaker fees/travel expenses, makes for a very expensive affair.  As fiscally responsible as we try to be, making ends meet becomes increasingly difficult every year.  With that, if you participated in the Annual Meeting this year – thank you for your support!  If you have not yet registered, come join us.  And my heartfelt thank you for all who helped to put on a successful show this year.

Annual Meeting Overview:



Survey Monkey

Lari Anne Kamei and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about sending out a Survey Monkey to the membership to query how the COVID pandemic has impacted your facility, the HIM community, HIM staffing resources, did you have to request OT for your staff, hire new staff, repurpose staff, etc.  Just some topic points that we thought might be interesting to hear how each of you are faring in the last few months.  Please be on the lookout for that and I encourage as many of you to participate, we will share the information and statistics.

That is all that I have for now.

If you have questions or comments, we are here for you.  Here is a link to reach back to us:

Let’s see what September 2020, brings our way…have a great month!

Take care and stay healthy.



Emma Thompson

HIMAH President